Bedroom Details

We are getting ready to move from our apartment into a house in a few weeks and for some reason that has made me start nesting. I have been working on lots of small projects and one fabulous bigger one that I will share on my next post (All I can say for now is that it’s the most amazing curbside find ever!).

I can’t really do too much changing around here since it would be pointless because we are moving soon but I’m going to share some small changes I’ve made in our bedroom. My favorite is this old mirror! It’s pretty heavy and it was a goldish brownish color. I painted it semi-gloss white and I love it!


The date on the back of it says it was inspected in June of 1962, so it’s definitely old! It also is a horrible mirror to look at yourself into. It’s reflection is sort of warped. Notice the way the canvas in the reflection seems curved a little on the corner. So, I hung it in a corner of our bedroom where we wont see our reflection as we walk by. It’s pretty to look at but not to look into (below you can see there is nothing wrong with the canvas).


I had had the boyfriend’s and my initial stored away for a while but when I found two 16×20 canvases I knew immediately that they would look perfect on them. So, I did a coat of white semi-gloss paint on them so they would look cleaner and just hot glued the initials on them, and hung them above our bed.


I’ve also been finding lots of new milk glass pieces and I’ve been incorporating them into every room, including our bedroom. I had an old chalkboard that I had no room for anywhere else but it’s too pretty to get rid of it. So, it’s being used as a tray to sit these beautiful old books on and some of my milk glass pieces.


The details on it are so pretty!! I’ve got more to show you guys but I don’t have any pictures of any of it yet. I’ve been kind of slacking a bit as far as taking pictures goes. My camera and I really need to get reacquainted soon!!

I’ll be back soon! Thank you for stopping by, you guys!! Have a wonderful weekend!