Christmas 2014

There are so many projects that I wish I had the time to upload but it just isn’t always possible for me to do so. Last year, I didn’t get to share my Christmas decorating so I thought I’d share it now to inspire myself to begin gathering ideas for this year. πŸ˜‰ First, I gave red and gold a try and then I took everything off my tree and started all over again.

Red and gold was pretty but I just love white so much that I couldn’t do without it!! My first project was this cowbell swag that I made for my smallest old window.


Next, I found an old cd storage box, painted it and filled up with candles and Christmas greenery to make a center piece for the coffee table.


It’s been a while since I gave this mirror its makeover. When I first found it, it was a sad looking gold and blue. So, I sanded it, primed it and painted it. Then, I sanded it again to give it that worn out look that I love. Doesn’t it just look so festive with that wreath on it and my favorite snowflake garland?



Here’s a couple more pictures… And now I’m off to get my Christmas dΓ©cor down from the attic to begin preparing.


In the meantime, I hope you guys are enjoying decorating for fall.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

The Christmas tree is up and so are the rest of my decorations for the living room. Since I have been super busy with work I am not sure if I’ll be doing much more decorating than that so I’ll share these with you guys for now.

I was testing my camera in the above shot and I actually like it a lot! πŸ˜‰


That chalkboard that my coffee filter wreath is on is one of my latest projects that I haven’t had a chance to share here. I am in love with chalkboards and they are all over this place. I even used some chalkboard tags on the tree with Christmas words written on them.

PicMonkey Collage2

That ruffle pillow cover is only one of a few bunch that I sewed not too long ago out of a queen size white sheet (in case I messed up, it wouldn’t be too pricey)! πŸ˜‰

PicMonkey Collage3

I love this type of packaging and those wrapped little presents are from last year but I couldn’t help myself and I just had to used them again this year!
PicMonkey Collage4

Stockings haven’t been hung but I’ll share those later if I get a chance! How about you guys? Have you put up your tree and decorations yet?

Thanks for coming here and I wish you the most wonderful holiday season, my friends!!


The Little One’s Bedroom Makeover (:

Life’s been getting in the way of creating things so I haven’t been making much of anything. However, the little one came home with awesome grades on her report card this past week and a bedroom makeover was inevitable! (: I had been thinking about it for a while because she seems to have a very big dislike for all things pink but I didn’t have a definite date or time that I wanted it done by.

We went with more “grown up colors” this time and I think it’s been a hit even with big brother! πŸ˜‰ The first thing I made was this pillow because those are the basic colors that we wanted to incorporated with the rest of the room.

Then, I decided to introduced yellow into the scheme and I liked how it looked so I kept it! (:

And I made that polka dot pillow with the yellow flower.

Then, I made some ruffles out of red fabric and covered the lampshade with them.

I think that lampshade is one of my favorite things! But the cuteness couldn’t stop there! I also painted an old jewelry box to match the theme and I love it just as much as the lampshade! Lol!

Here’s a close up of the little guy! I initially intended to mod podge some of the yellow polka dot craft paper on the top of it but I ran out of time ( but I may still do it later).

And the last things that I made to complete the look were this dry erase frame to hang on the entrance to her room where we can leave her messages and this tiny chalkboard sign to hang on her bedroom door!

Here’s a shot of her bedroom before

and one last shot of it now.

There you have it, hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed the process! Have a great sunday, everyone!! (:

Wreath Makeover Part II (:

I mentioned on my last post that (in the spirit of the holidays) I had also updated my coffee filter wreath from this

to this and that that I would be back to share it.

and some bright red ribbon and voila! It’s a lovely Christmas wreath!!

I almost feel sad thinking about having to take it apart when the Christmas season is over but for now I’ll enjoy looking at it everyday!! ((:

May you too be enjoying this holiday season, my friends!!

Have a great night, you guys!!

Not Everything Turns Out How We Plan

Sometimes, it turns out better! As is the case this time (I think)! Remember my fall book page wreath?

Well, it’s turned into this! ((:

I have a feeling this will not be the last time that I “dress her up” for a special occassion! πŸ˜‰ I’m in love with the wreath itself and now that I know that I can change it’s look by changing the accessories I love it even more! I especially love the jingle bells on those dollar tree reindeer! πŸ˜‰

And since I loved them so much, I made this other wreath to match (sort of) with the book page wreath too! ((:

I also updated my coffee filter wreath to a more Christmassy look but I don’t have time to upload the pictures now so I’ll have to do a separate post for that one!

I hope that you guys are all enjoying the holiday decorating as much as I have been!!

In The Christmas Spirit

I haven’t been feeling so well so I’ve decided to take a break from all of my projects-pending and future ones. But I just wanted to publish this post about some more of the Christmas decorating around this place. At first, I had decided that we wouldn’t have a tree this year but my little one was very concerened that “Santa wouldn’t know where to leave the presents”. So, I changed my mind but I had already given away most of my old tree ornaments so I had to start off fresh and I had no idea what I really wanted to do but I’ve been on pinterest a lot lately (I love that place!) and I’d been seeing all those cloth covered balls and I loved them! So, I set out to make my own and a couple other things!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve got lots more but I just haven’t had a chance to shoot everything or upload anything. If I’m not too bummed out I’ll attempt to publish another post with the rest! Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day and have a great night!!


More White &Thrifty Finds [:

I’ve been having a blast working on the decorations for a friend’s baby shower for the past two weeks and today I made over a picture frame that I’m going to include in the shower game prizes and since that is not for my friend [per say] I will go ahead and share it here!

So, here you have it!!

The frame came with that not so attractive [for my taste] green paper on the front. So, thrifty me spray painted it with Krylon dover white and made some rosettes from some left over material from the shower things and hot glued them onto it and I’m almost tempted to keep it!! Lol!!

Aren’t whites so fresh and crisp looking? (: As much as I want to keep, I will not because I can always make another one for myself!!

BUT before I can do that let me share a couple of thrifty goodies that I’ve found lately and that I’ve definitely fallen in love with already because in my head, I can already see what they will look like when I’m done with them!!

Look at these two boxes.

The larger one is a silverware box and I paid $2.50 for it. The smaller one is sort of like a very old version of a rolodex and the best thing is that I got it for only $.75!!

It even has the original alphabetized dividers in it still!! Have I ever mentioned how much I love, love old things like this?! Well, I dooooo!!!!!!!! ((:

I also have this beutiful chest that I got because someone didn’t want anymore (can you seriously imagine someone not wanting it? Impossible, I know!! Lol!)!! Anyway, if you know me, there’s no way I was going to pass it up so I’ve had it for some time already but I’ve procrastinated getting to it because I know that making it pretty is going to be a big job and I still don’t know exactly what I want to do with it!! All I know is that it’s going to be some shade of white when I’m done with it.

I havent taken pictures of the inside but it’s cedar and it’s beautiful inside (and it smells oh, sooooo good when you open it)!!! I can hardly wait to get started on it now!! Lol!! But before I do, I also found a desk for my sewing machine and I’m determine to make that one pretty first because I need it ASAP so I can finally get some sewing projects done. But not to worry, I will post about it when I get to it, too!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and now I will take myself to bed because we all know that mondays are not merciful at all!!

Night, night everyone!!! (:

The Finished Room

For a While now I had one thing left to do in order to finish the little Miss’ room but it required painting, a lot more painting than I’m used to. So, I procrastinated for as long as I could until Joe did it for me this week! Lol!

And here is a before picture and some after pictures of the finished product!!

BEST thing about this is that I found this dresser so it was free! I’d been looking for one like it at resale shops but I never could find one small enough until someone decided to throw this one out and I shamelessly picked it up!! Lol! I purchased some rustoleum semi-gloss white paint and my honey painted it. He did an amazing job and I loooove it!!! πŸ˜‰

Isn’t it pretty?! All I’ve got to do now is get some knobs for the top drawer and it will be complete!! ((: I’m excited that she will soon get to actually use it as a dresser only because I’m planning on getting her a tv that we can set up on the wall (or as she would say, a “normal” tv like her brother’s! Lol!!) I know it’s not the greatest idea to have a tv in her room but who said I’m the best parent anyway?!! πŸ˜‰

I also hung some frames and her mirror on the wall facing her bed. Remember the wreath that caused me my awful first glue gun burn?

I hung it over her mirror and this is what it looks like.

And this is what her bed looks like now.

Some of this stuff you guys have already seen before.

She and I had decorated those frames to hang in her room about two years ago and there is no way that I’ll get rid of them! The bunny doesn’t really go with her room but she keeps it because she’s had it since she was a newborn. It plays “You Are My Sunsine” and sometimes playing it for her was the only way to get her to stop crying when she was mad. Very early on (since she was about four months old) she learned to make herself throw up when she was mad so this bunny saved a LOT of outfits from getting ruined by vomit. Therefore, he deserves a place wherever she goes!! Lol!! πŸ˜‰

I also made this bow holder and hung it in her closet so that she can keep at least the bows that we use most where we can find them right away.

I think I’m done in her room for now but that doesn’t mean that I’m not busy making other stuff!! Lol!! I’ve completed several projects for other rooms but I haven’t had a chance to post them. I will post them as soon as I get a chance.

Hope all of you guys are having a great weekend!!! ((:

Desk Area Accomplished [:

I only have one more thing left to do for my Annie’s room to be finished [until I decide to change things again! Lol!]

I’m loving her desk area so much, though that I couldn’t wait to show it off!! πŸ˜‰

I changed some stuff around and made a festive little banner with her name instead of the name that she’s had on her wall from before and I like it soooo much!! ((:

I also made her that chalkboard that the banner’s hanging on but I haven’t cured it yet so we can’t write on it until I do so but I’m sure my princess will definitely make some use of it! πŸ˜‰

I also removed the frames from above her headboard and placed this on that wall instead [being the princess that she is, we couldn’t be missing this! Lol!].

I’ll post pics of the entire room over the weekend but for now here’s one last look of her desk area because I like it soooo much!! [:

Good night, you guys!!! (:

Monogram Frame

I am obsessed with monogramming things (it might have something to do with my controlling tendencies)! Lol! Monograms personalize things and I like my stuff personalized! What can I say? I can’t help that I love my initial that much!!;)

Anyway, in my obsessive attempt to continue marking my territory I came up with this monogram frame to hang in the master bedroom! ((:

I purchased the frame {at a thrift shop for $.75} for another project but changed my mind and left it for another time. That time came when I realized that I needed something with the honey’s and my initial to tie my room decor together so I got to work. I spray painted the frame white, then antique white and distressed it a bit.

Then, I lined it with {another one of my favorites} drop cloth, made some streamer paper rosettes and cut several one inch strips of scrapbooking paper and outlined our initials with them. Outlining the letter was the hardest part of this project because it’s hard to work with hot glue on such a thin surface and make it stick to the glass but in the end it was worth all the effort!

So, there you have it, another one of my spontaneous and quick projects!! ((: