Whitewash Coffee Table

My mister must really love me! How else would he figure out just how happy it would make me to see him come home with this?


I had been saving my old cedar chest from my previous post because I’d been wanting to whitewash it but I was ambivalent about it because I wasn’t certain that the wood was the “right” color or grain. So, I drooled over this whitewash trunk in the mean time.

That is until, my mister came home with the perfect table to whitewash! 😉 I cleaned it and gave it a really good sanding with an electric sander (doing it by hand would probably take longer but I’m sure it can be done that way too) to get rid of some marker writing from it and to smooth out the surface of it. After a good dusting, I followed the technique linked to the photo I linked above.

Here, it is in progress. It was a partly cloudy day but I wanted something to distract me from it so I decided to paint it anyway. Amazingly, whitewash actually dries fairly fast so I was done before it started raining!

PicMonkey Collage

I didn’t dilute my paint enough the for the second coat so I ended up having to sand down some of the areas that had more coverage on them like the bottom end of it right here but it still turned out pretty good.

Here is my final outcome to prove it! 😉 I’ve got it in the living room for now but I’m not sure that I will keep it there, yet. I will decide after I get done making over the coffee table that I had before this one. I’ll see how that one turns out first.


The lighting wasn’t so good because it’s been pretty cloudy so it was difficult to get a shot that would do it justice but I’m pretty content with the results.


Though it may seem that white is the only color I work with, I have a post pending of a dining table that I made over in black. I promise to post it as soon as I get a break from other projects I’m currently working on.

Thank you so much for visiting!


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