Let’s Have Christmas at My Place!

The holidays are here and I’ve been enjoying every bit of them! So, I haven’t really been posting much here. That’s not to say I haven’t been creating stuff, I just haven’t had a chance to post about it. But I wanted to share my Christmas décor with you guys because this is my favorite season of the year!! So, brace yourselves for an overload of pictures!! This year, I didn’t spend any money on Christmas décor because I used only things I already had, and some magnolia leaves and twigs from my backyard.


Of course, the smallest of my old windows had to make an appearance for Christmas because it’s among my most favorite things.


I had been nagging at the boyfriend to make me a wooden box like that one and one day, while roaming the very back of my favorite thrift shop, I found this treasure!! And get this; for only $1! Can’t get any better than that!

And there are my beloved shutters and some of the decoration gifts I wrapped a few years ago, too! Don’t they just look so perfect?!

PicMonkey Collager324325

I’ve always wanted to do an advent calendar but I never have room to display one. So, this year I added chalkboard tags with numbers on them directly onto the tree, instead.


I decorated in the dining room too but I didn’t really take that many pictures. The side with the glass dome is the center piece for our table. I just kind of threw stuff together into a square basket and called it a day.


I’ve also always wanted a real tree but since I’d rather avoid the mess it would make, I’ve yet to have one but this year I did get a real wreath. It hangs on the inside of our back door and it makes our kitchen smell soooo good!!

I’m always on the look for white dishes (I’ve got an insatiable love for them)! So, when I found this pretty little pitcher for $2 at a thrift shop, I snatched it! And now it sits pretty among the rest of my décor. The picture beside it is of some twigs that sit on the buffet in our dining room but I didn’t get any other pictures of them. I also hung chalkboard numbers and bells from them.


So, there you have it! I’ve got more to show you (some more wreaths, the dining room, and the little one’s bedroom that was decorated too) but it’s been difficult getting some good pictures because it gets dark too early and we all know that the best light for pictures is daylight! 😉

Hopefully, I get a chance, to do another post and share the rest. I hope you guys are enjoying the holidays too, and I wish you have the most wonderful Christmas ever!!

Happy Holidays!!