Color My World! ;)

Spring and Fall are my favorite but each year it seems they take longer to manifest. I am so ready for cooler weather and hot cocoa but since this is Texas, it still feels pretty much like summer around here. As much as I love to see the greenery, I’m ready for some fall colors and so I added some color to my pretty white porch!


It all started with this burlap wreath and that chevron ribbon. From then on, I was inspired!! I am currently fully embracing a stenciling and number fetish. So, prepare yourselves to see numbers and words on lots of the stuff I post for a while!! >.<


Pillows are the best accessories but they can be pretty pricey. So, I made that pretty pillow and I must say I am kind of proud of how pretty my number two turned out! I couldn’t find a stencil that big so I had to free hand it. Not bad, huh? 😉


I also have a fetish for incorporating old things in my décor (as you have probably already guessed)! I found that old metal round thing and decided my bird nest would look perfect in it! And what do you know? I love it when I’m right!! 😀

I have tons of other ongoing projects because-brace yourselves-I’m already thinking Christmas décor! what can I say? I am not big on Halloween decorations! Can’t blame a girl for having priorities! 😉

Have a wonderful Sunday, you guys!!



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