I Did it Again!

I’ve been feeling anxious and when anxiety gets the best of me, I clean house! When I say I clean house I mean I really clean house. I spent the three day holiday weekend clearing out dresser drawers, getting rid of old paperwork that I no longer needed, and cleaning out our closets.

I ended up with a good amount of things that I couldn’t bring myself to throw away because they were in pretty good shape but since I’m not a fan of having garage sales, my son and I drove down the street to a Salvation Army thrift store and donated it all there.

Walking into an uncluttered home is the best feeling in the world! It really does make me feel accomplished and I feel a lot less anxious (I think I’ve even been sleeping better since purging all of that stuff, too)! 😉

Anyway, so getting down to business. My favorite spot in this house is my desk area. For a while I’d been experimenting with different things on the walls but I have finally set it up in a way that makes me feel like I am really home when I sit here! I purged this area too and I’ve surrounded myself with only things that remind me of the goodness of life!

I will shamelessly admit that I am addicted to old junk more than ever!! Here’s my new little corner! All clean and crisp!


I picked up the window from a curb, the chalkboard was a frame I picked up from a thrift shop and transformed it with the help of spray paint and chalkboard paint. The Canvas was a gift and since I didn’t know what else to do with it-because my creative juices have been running short lately-I opted for a quick-no-fuss project by hand writing one of my favorite quotes on it.

The camera was also a gift from a nice lady that works at a thrift shop that I frequent and the milk glass pieces are also thrift shop finds (my absolute favorite, btw).

Best of all, I’ve got all of my favorite things in one place and some of my favorite faces in the entire world smiling back at me! What more can I ask for? 😉

I’ve got other pending projects and as soon as I gather enough motivation energy to do them, I will post about them. Is it too crazy to admit that I’m getting kind of excited for holiday decorating already?!! >.<

Thanks for stopping by, you guys!!


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