Oh, How I Love Old Things!

One of my sisters and I have a mutual love of going “treasure hunting” as the little ones refer to it! We take random drives through town and see what we can spot being wrongfully thrown away (two sets of eyes are always better than one!). I have really been looking for are old windows (I want to make some photo props with them and some shutters I already have). Unfortunately, our search for them hadn’t been turning up anything! That is until a few nights ago when I went for a quick trip to the grocery store and on my way home I just couldn’t believe my eyes!! On top of a huge pile of debris was this precious old window you see below!! It’s like it was just waiting for me to come get it!! And get it I did!! 😀


It’s too small for the project I had in mind but it is perfect to place above my desk! Oh, what a joy it is to find things you didn’t even know you needed!! So, I got to making some changes around my desk. I was delighted to add  some of my milk glass pieces!


First, I intended to do a dry erase board with the window. I added fabric to the middle pane and had the idea of adding corkboard over the other panes. But I already have that shutter that I used as a message/inspiration board. And what I’d really been wanting was a chalkboard in my little space. So, I dug my favorite chalkboard out of my photo props and hung it over the window. Then, I added a yearly birthday and anniversary calendar because I’m not really good at keeping up with everyone’s birthday! >.< I also added some tissue paper pom poms above my desk area and a couple of simple accessories. The personalized calendar is from here.

PicMonkey Collage

On my shutter memo board I have meaningful little notes and photos. I also proudly display the thank you notes I get from people who’ve been the recipients of some of my homemade gifts! Here’s my favorite thank you note and my most favorite milk glass piece, as well!! Aren’t both so pretty?
PicMonkey Collagewe3343
I’m thinking of maybe adding some floating shelves but I’m really enjoying the simplicity of my little space as it is.

Thanks for stopping by, you guys!!




P.S. I just noticed I watermarked my photos with the URL to my writing blog! I apologize for that, let’s just say I had a very long day!! >.<


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