Fabric Flowers Wreath

I had a huge wreath on my door that I decorated at the beginning of the year but it was really old because it had been passed down to me from my mom and she had already had it for a while when she gave it to me. It started looking worn out and I wanted to make a new one without spending any money so I got my thinking wheels to spinning and my creative juices started flowing!! 😉 I used a wreath form that I purchased at the dollar store and spray painted last year but I didn’t like the look of it then so I put it away until now.

I’ve had those two small oval frames hanging by my front door and I love them too much to take them down so I wanted to incorporate more of my porch decor to go with them instead. That’s when I remember the spray painted wreath form that I had in my closet and I pulled it out! At first, I was only going to decorate it with the rolled fabric rosettes but I had made a lot of ruffles for another project that turned out to be a complete failure (yes, I have quite a few of those) and I stashed them away for later, too!

I made two small pillows out of some left over drop cloth from previous projects and I added some of the ruffles to them. Then, I made those white flowers with the rest of the ruffled fabric and I mixed them with the rosettes to add to the wreath. I took the bird and the nest from my old wreath and added it to this one too and voila, here you have the finished product!!

I can’t decide if it’s summery enough but I like how it gives my porch a fresh feel and I love so much how the wreath and the pillows go with the frames so well.

Here’s a closer look at the ruffled fabric flowers

Thanks for stopping by, you guys!!! Have a great rest of the day.


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