I Love My Busy, Busy Life!

It’s been a while since I last posted anything on this little old blog of mine, that’s not to say I have not been keeping myself busy with tons of projects. And here I am with a brand new look and a LOT of stuff to share! I’m way behind on posting about the things I’ve been working on but I’ll try to play catch up soon. Today, I’ll post about photography; another one of my passions!

I’ve had my dslr for well over a year now but I’ve honestly been afraid of shooting in manual mode for two reasons. The first one: I’m a perfectionist. The second one: I am a control freak and not understanding the relation among shutter speed, aperture, and ISO made me feel extremely helpless!

However, I’ve been doing much researching online and reading a LOT of photography blogs and tutorials. Just take a look at my Photography & Tips Pinterest Board! I tell you guys, I’ve been a busy girl! I had even signed up for some classes at the local community college but just the thought of being cooped up in a room full of strangers made me cringe and I backed out of that (shame on me, I know).

Then, I signed up for some online photography courses and though I liked them and seemed to learn a bit from them I think that what I’ve benefited from the most are the online photography training classes that I’m still taking right now from Shoot FLY Shoot . Those guys are amazing at explaining things in a very concise way and I especially love that once you’re registered and you’ve paid for your classes you can always go back through every video in case that you’ve forgotten something or need some reassurance.

The most important thing that I’ve realized so far about photography is that photography is more about perception and what makes us happy as individuals than about anything else. As long as you’ve got your manual settings figured out even technical things like exposure are things that we eventually get comfortable enough with that we reach a point where we realize that what may be acceptable to us may not be acceptable for everyone else but that it’s perfectly fine!

The more I am advancing in these classess the more excited I am becoming about photography! I’m even considering upgrading to a 50mm lens BUT I dont’ want to jump the gun just yet and I’m going to hold off a little longer on that! šŸ˜‰

Anyway, today I just want to share some senior pictures that I had the pleasure of doing for one of my bestfriend’s nephews. I’ve known him since he was born and it truly was an awesome experience to capture such an important time in his life! I must confess that some of these were shot in automatic mode and some in manual mode because I wasn’t too comfortable yet with full manual mode yet but they weren’t too bad.

I ended up with a lot more good images than I thought I would but I’ll only share these because these are my favorite (not because they are perfect but because the emotion captured in them is genuine)! (:

Then, his mom also asked if I would make his graduation invites and I was more than excited to do so! They turned out pretty good and printed out rather nicely too.

I feel about photography the way I felt about the smell of new books at the beginning of each school year when I was a kid; I’m excited for all the things I know I will learn and I can’t wait to share them with you guys!! ((:

Hope you guys are having a wonderful sunday, my friends!!


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