Bestfriends Are a Blessing

I love my best friend! We have known each other for nearly twenty years and I look forward to many, many years of friendship! 😉

Back in August of last year I made the decorations for her baby shower (she was pregnant with her second baby boy) and I posted about it here. Then, when he was born I had the privilige to be the first to take his picture and I couldn’t help but make his birth announcements, too!!

And now I also had the joy of making some center pieces for his baptism and I just had to share them with you guys!!

It was on Easter Sunday! So, I couldn’t resist the urge to make them a bit Eastery? Yes, I know that’s not a word! These were actually my favorite ones because they were made with marshmallows, edible grass and candy eggs but my absolute favorite was the bunting on them!! 😉

I used twigs on them and I love them so much but apparently everyone’s favorite ones were these:

I honestly love both of them and couldn’t choose between the two!! Here’s one last look at this handsome little guy!! ((:

There’s something about doing things for the people I love that makes my heart happy and this was one of them!! Hope you guys had a great Easter and are having a wonderful start of the week!!


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