Picture Gallore (No Kidding)! ;)

I caught spring cleaning fever a few weeks ago and I also decided to change from the maroon that I had in my living room to cooler colors for spring! The best part of this transformation is that I mostly used things I already owned and a whole lot of spray paint!! (:

These shutters are what started it all! I found them at a thrift shop for only $4. They were white so I painted them and that is how aqua came into the picture!! 😉 I initially had put my rolled book pages wreath over them but I liked it better over the mirror in the dining room so I changed things around a little!!

Then, I just couldn’t stop myself from painting everything else-it seems!! 😉 See for yourself! I’m still looking for a tutorial on how to sew a chair cover for my maroon desk chair so imagine it with a white cover on! 😉

Among some of the things that I made, were those aqua and brown pillows covers. They are made out of those $1.99 bandanas that they sell at Hobby Lobby. I used two bandanas for each pillow but I got them when they were fifty percent off so it cost me $1.99 for each pillow cover. Not bad, huh? I may post a tutorial for them later. They are super easy to make!!

I’m pretty content with how everythng looks but I’m thinking about adding red too! I’m not sure if I can pull it off but I may just try it!!

Good night, my friends!!



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