I Love Birthdays!

This month has been full of birthdays in our family and earlier this week the little one informed me that her teacher’s birthday happens to be this month also and that “we should make her something”-meaning I should make her something and she should take it to her! 😉 I had made the bff, who happens to be a teacher too, this pretty wreath for her classroom door a few weeks ago. I apologize for the picture quality, I took those the flash off! >.<

And since lately my creative juices have been flowing in a very slow manner I decided to make something similar for the little one’s sweet teacher (for some reason she seems to like her a tad bit more than she’s ever liked any other teacher she’s had before) instead of coming up with something new.

We all know how much I love making these flower rosettes, anyway! (:

Her classroom theme is animal prints of all sorts and I had decorated a mason jar and filled it with cookies for Valentines day and the little one said she loved it so I figured I’d match it some since hopefully she will be hanging this in her classroom, as well.

I certainly hope she liked it as much as I enjoyed making it and at least half as much as I enjoyed seeing the look on my little one’s face when she saw it after I was done with it!

Happy Friday, my friends (and happy birthday if your birthday falls on this month too).


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