My Camera Strap Cover

After browsing Etsy, a few months ago, I fell in love with a couple of camera straps but they were as pricey as they were beautiful so I’ve been contemplating making my own camera strap cover since. However, I didn’t feel like sewing so-instead-I got out my nifty glue gun and got to work and here’s what I came up with in about an hour or so!

I used fabric remnants that I already had so I guess you could say this was free for me but I’m sure if I had to purchase everything, it would have cost no more than a few dollars. Next on my to do list is a camera strap cover with the lens cap pocket and that one will no doubt be sewn instead of hot glued!! In the mean time I will enjoy this cute thing around my neck as often as I can! (:

This second picture I had to take with my phone camera so it isn’t all that great but I just had to show what it looks like on my camera because I absolutey loooove it!! Fabric rosettes are definitely among some of the things that make my heart smile!! ((:

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you guys have a great weekend!!!



4 thoughts on “My Camera Strap Cover

    • Thank you!! I just wish I would have sewn it now that I think about it! Lol! I’m not sure how I’m supposed to clean it bcs I dont think I can wash it but I’m hoping for the time and energy to sew one soon. (:

      • You can always sew one another time, but at least you have that one. I don’t know how you would keep something like that clean either. I seem to remember my granny doing something like a coat of glue(?). Maybe you could google ways to keep unwashable material clean. Who knows what’s out there.

      • I’m going to look around on Pinterest, I bet I could find something there! That place is becoming as useful as google for me!!! 😉

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