My Spring Wreath

I’ve loved my rolled book page wreath since the day I made it! First is was an autumn wreath.

Then, it transformed into a Christmas wreath

And now it’s blossomed into a spring wreath and is by far my favorite!!

After going on a lunch date with the boyfriend on friday (just this past friday!) we decided to do a little thrifting at one of my favorite shops and I found these small shutters, they were white but I’ve been in love with the aqua color for some time (as you can see from my blog header and background) so, I brought these babies home and spray painted them yesterday morning.

Then I got to work on my wreath. I wanted to make a new spring wreath but I decided, instead, to repurpose this one. So I got to work. I added a few of the cherry blossom branches that I made following a tutorial that I had saved on my pinterest board a while back (I tried to link to it but it didn’t work) and then I just added a chalboard tag (one of my favorite things) and there you have it!

Aren’t those shutters just the most perfect backdrop for it? I must say that this little project has prompted a total change of the color scheme in our living room but we are loving the end result! I’ll post pictures of the rest of the updates as soon as I get a chance.

Here’s one last shot of it!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!



6 thoughts on “My Spring Wreath

    • Thank you &welcome to my home in blogland! (: I had the idea of using shutters in the back of my mind for a while but I hadn’t ventured out to find some bcs I didn’t even know where to start but I got lucky and found them when I wasn’t even looking! πŸ˜‰

  1. Hi I’m a new follower and found you on Debbiedoo’s Newbie Link Party! I too, am new to blogging, about 3 months now. I’d like to be a follower but couldn’t find a link for it. I love your idea with the shutters! It just gave me inspiration for a problem I’ve been trying to figure out with a cabinet in my kitchen. : )
    I hope you’ll stop by and join and follow me: . We can support each other as newbie’s and share what we learn. Hope your day is going well!
    Barbe aka Bee

  2. Hi, there!! Thank you so much for your visit and your comment! How exciting to meet newbies such as myself! (: I get most of my comments on my facebook page when I link my posts to it to share with my friends but none of them are bloggers so it gets a little lonely here in blogworld when you don’t know many fellow bloggers!! I just added the follow button at the top of my page so hopefully it will allow you to follow my blog now and I will most definitely go over to yours and follow right now!! Thanks again, and I’m so flattered that you loved the shutter idea and so happy that I could inspire you!! (:

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