Not Your Average Valentine <3

So, last night the little one and I finally tackled the task of creating her Valentine’s Day treat bags to give to her classmates! We used very non-traditional colors and made each bag unique with a mix and match of patterns and colors. I traced the bag pattern onto scrapbook pages and the little one cut half of them and I did the other half. Then, she glued every single one of them while I cut out the hearts for her to write the names on. I did the finishing touches and we looooved the end result! ((:

We decorated only the girls’ bags with doillies because the little one insisted that doillies are too girly to add to the boys’ bags. So there you have the final product! (:

The picture quality is not that great because they were taken with my phone [I’m too lazy these days (>.<) to pull out my big girl camera] but I hope you guys enjoy looking at these as much as we enjoyed making them.

Enjoy your day, my friends!!



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