DIY Personalized Art

Picnik has announced that they will be permanently shutting down on April 19, 2012. I’m a bit saddened by it because I love that site so much!! Now I’m faced with the task of finding another user-friendly site such as theirs and we know how difficult that is going to be! If any of you know of a similar site with similar features, please, pretty please share it with me!! I will be forever grateful if you do!! (:

In the mean time I’ve decided to take advantage of its features while it’s still running and I got to work and this is the latest thing that I came up with:

Then, I printed it on cardstock paper and got to the task of finding the perfect frame for it and I must say that lately I’ve been getting pretty darn lucky because I found that beautiful frame at one of my favorite thrift shops for only $1.75 (yes, that’s right) and the best part about it is that it was already that color (double win for me)!! The picture opening fits an 8X10 so it’s a pretty good size and fits right into my new color scheme in the living room!

Isn’t it just gorgeous?!! If I say so myself!! 😉 I am sad that Picnik is shutting down but happy to tell those of you that don’t have an account with them that all of their premium features are free until the day that they shut down for good! So, if you’d like to make your own personalized art go to their site and take advantage of the opportunity.

I’m in love with mine and if I’ve inspired you to make your own, I’d love to see it!!

Have a great night, my friends!!


My Spring Wreath

I’ve loved my rolled book page wreath since the day I made it! First is was an autumn wreath.

Then, it transformed into a Christmas wreath

And now it’s blossomed into a spring wreath and is by far my favorite!!

After going on a lunch date with the boyfriend on friday (just this past friday!) we decided to do a little thrifting at one of my favorite shops and I found these small shutters, they were white but I’ve been in love with the aqua color for some time (as you can see from my blog header and background) so, I brought these babies home and spray painted them yesterday morning.

Then I got to work on my wreath. I wanted to make a new spring wreath but I decided, instead, to repurpose this one. So I got to work. I added a few of the cherry blossom branches that I made following a tutorial that I had saved on my pinterest board a while back (I tried to link to it but it didn’t work) and then I just added a chalboard tag (one of my favorite things) and there you have it!

Aren’t those shutters just the most perfect backdrop for it? I must say that this little project has prompted a total change of the color scheme in our living room but we are loving the end result! I’ll post pictures of the rest of the updates as soon as I get a chance.

Here’s one last shot of it!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!


Not Your Average Valentine <3

So, last night the little one and I finally tackled the task of creating her Valentine’s Day treat bags to give to her classmates! We used very non-traditional colors and made each bag unique with a mix and match of patterns and colors. I traced the bag pattern onto scrapbook pages and the little one cut half of them and I did the other half. Then, she glued every single one of them while I cut out the hearts for her to write the names on. I did the finishing touches and we looooved the end result! ((:

We decorated only the girls’ bags with doillies because the little one insisted that doillies are too girly to add to the boys’ bags. So there you have the final product! (:

The picture quality is not that great because they were taken with my phone [I’m too lazy these days (>.<) to pull out my big girl camera] but I hope you guys enjoy looking at these as much as we enjoyed making them.

Enjoy your day, my friends!!


Our Pretty Treat Jars (:

I have an obssession with glass jars and I’d been looking for the opportunity to use some!! So, of course, I will seize the chance and use some for my little one to give some away for Valentines Day (The recipients don’t follow my blog so it’s safe to post pics before they actually get them)! 😉

I made this mason jar first just to test if I’d like it or not.

I loved it so much that I decided to also decorate an old coffee jar that I’d been saving and I love it just as much!

We haven’t decided if we will fill them up with candy or bake some cookies to put in them but since I’m not much of a baker I have a very strong feeling we will go with the candy!! Lol!! Hope you guys liked these little guys as much as I do!! ❤