White Is So Refreshing

For the first time ever in my adult life I have not done ANY of my Christmas shopping and I’m not even worried about it! Something has got to be seriously wrong with me but amazingly, I’m not freaking out yet! Lol! Anyway, since I can’t seem to feel the Christmas rush, I figured I’d share some of the things I’ve worked on for my bedroom before I change it again (No, I’m never done)! 😉

I have a fetish for birds, bird cages, twigs and white and creams so I combined them all and I’m loving the results! ((:

And there’s a coffee filter wreath I’ve never posted before, also (had to include it bcs it’s among some of my favorite things, too).

It’s so soothing that I’m convinced that I get a better night’s sleep (Ok, that may be only in my head)!! [: I’m off to bed bcs my honey and I are going to try and do some shopping tomorrow evening (I said TRY) hope everyone has a great night and thanks for stopping by! ((:


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