Not Everything Turns Out How We Plan

Sometimes, it turns out better! As is the case this time (I think)! Remember my fall book page wreath?

Well, it’s turned into this! ((:

I have a feeling this will not be the last time that I “dress her up” for a special occassion! 😉 I’m in love with the wreath itself and now that I know that I can change it’s look by changing the accessories I love it even more! I especially love the jingle bells on those dollar tree reindeer! 😉

And since I loved them so much, I made this other wreath to match (sort of) with the book page wreath too! ((:

I also updated my coffee filter wreath to a more Christmassy look but I don’t have time to upload the pictures now so I’ll have to do a separate post for that one!

I hope that you guys are all enjoying the holiday decorating as much as I have been!!


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