A Christmas Sneak Peek!

I haven’t had much time to post much but that’s not to say that I haven’t been busy creating things! 😉 It may be a bit early but I want to share some of my Christmas stuff with you guys because I’m impatient (ok, extremely impatient)!! Lol! Heres’ what I’ve gotten up so far:

I love, love, love using book pages for printing on and this little Christmas tree is already among my faves and I must say that the frame that it’s in is another one of my under $1 thrifty finds! The reindeer hang on the back of my dining room chairs and the clear ball with music sheet is actually music from a (book and church lovers brace yourselves) church song book that I also found at a thrift shop! Eeeekk!! (:

Then, I repurposed my book page wreath to fit into my scheme and wrapped some tiny boxes to look festive enough for Christmas! The pinecones are my favorite too because they were actually free and there goes a tiny box wrapped in music sheets!

Hope you guys enjoyed!! I have lots more to shared but I’ll have to come back for that! ((:


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