God Bless Our Nest

When I found two of these pretty oval frames at a thrift shop (for only $.50 each!),

I fell in love with their shape but not their color or the picture inside but I knew I had the pefect project for them!! (:

So, I spray painted them a copper bronze color (looks almost black but up close you can see the bronze in the color). Then, I went to picnik and designed exactly what I wanted to put inside them, printed them on book pages and voila, I have a pair of pretty little oval frames to hang together by my front door!!

I intended to add all our names to the bottom one but it looked too crowded so, instead, I only left a bird to represent each one who lives in “our nest”! [:

Night, my friends!! May the Lord bless your nest, too!! ((:

My Prettiest Chalkboard Ever! ((:

I wasn’t necessarily on the hunt for a frame to turn into a chalkboard but I found this pretty one last week.

Yea, I know, not very pretty YET! But I love the shape of it so I spray painted it and turned it into this!

And since lately I’ve been loving this tan color so much, I decided to add these rosettes to it and I love the contrast of that color against the black but I haven’t decided yet if I’ll keep it or post it on my Etsy, instead.

Either way, for now I’m going to enjoy looking at it every day!! ((:

Have a great night, my friends!!

The Things I Don’t Have Time to Do ;)

A few months back (Already? Wow!) I was looking into purchasing a desk for my sewing machine so that maybe then I’ll actually take it out of the box that it came in when my mom gave it to me! 😉 Much to my delight, I happened to run into an old (but oh,soooo cute) sewing machine desk that no longer had the machine in it. But the best thing about it was that I got it for…. drum roll!! … $2!! Yes, that’s right! $2!!! You can’t beat that! My honey and I happened to be out to lunch when we decide to visit a local thrift shop just for the heck of it and there it was! It was love at first sight even prior to finding out how much it cost! Lol! I couldn’t resist and neither could Joe so we brought it home and it sat in the hallway (or in the way! Lol!!) until I decided yesterday that it was time to give it a make over and I loooove it!! I can’t get enough of it!! Take a look!! Here it is before it got some love from me! 😉

And here it is in all of its wonderful glory!! I just can’t get enough of it and can you really blame me?!! ((:

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Since my guys had a gig last night and it was just us girls at home I also had fun making these pom poms for a friends daughter’s party! Aren’t they so pretty?!!

And last but not least I made this cute feather wreath for my Annie’s bedroom door!! 😉

I kept myself busy most of yesterday evening and today but it was very well worth it! Now, I’m going to bed early to be bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow morning because I know I’ve got a fulld day ahead of me.

Have a great night, everyone! (: