Fall Wreath

I have been wanting to make a book page wreath but I hadn’t found any unique ones that I liked so I took a couple of ideas that I saw on Pinterest and added some of my own ideas and here’s what I came up with!!

I used the artificial leaves and mixed them with some that I cut out of some more book pages and I love how they look together.

I didn’t want to over-do it so on the other side of the wreath I just wrapped ribbon that matched my leaves and added a tag to write the year on (because I’m cool like that)!! 😉

Here’s what it will look like when its hanging in all of its glory in the office at work! 😉

Ok, now I’m going to bed! Have a good night, blogland peeps!! ((:

It’s Starting to Look a Lot Like Autumn!

I’ve been really busy with life and work and did say with life already?!! Lol!! Anyway, here’s one of my latest projects!! Lately I’ve been loving neutrals and whites a lot and I’ve never been one to use to much color in decorating because I’m not bold enough for it BUT I made a huge leap and what do you know? I love it!! 😉 I decided to turn a lonely curtain panel into this lovely wreath for my living room mirror just because it’s time to change it up a little for the upcoming holidays, already. And I absolutely couldn’t be any happier with the end result!

But it couldn’t end there!! [: I also made these two pretties to have on the couches

and I must say that I really do like maroon in my living room!! They go perfectly with the peonies that I’ve had in there and in the diningroom.

So, there you have it; one repurposed curtain panel!! 😉 I know its a little early but I’m already working on my Christmas decorations, too!! Lol!! I’ll post some later in the week!! Have a great rest of the day, my friends!!!


Clothes Pins Madness [:

When I picked up my princess from school the first day she got in the car and she said “I love my teacher, Mom. She is the first one that actually says my name correctly!” Lol!! Yes, I know. What eight year old really cares how they pronounce her name, right?! Well, mine does!! 😉

So, since I’ve gotten nothing but good reports on the lucky lady that gets to teach my Annie all year long I decided to show her some appreciation and I made her a little gift and sent it to her with my Annie.

As with everything else that I make, I loved them so much, that I wanted to keep them for myself!! Lol!! BUT she loved them just as much because she has her room decorated with zebra and other animal prints so that put a smile on my face, too!! ((:

I put magnets on the back of these and just for fun I made some more to keep but in a different color and I love them, too!! ;]

I’ll also have these for sale on my site, as well. It’s taken a bit longer than I anticipated to get it up and running but it’s definitely coming!!! (:

Hope you guys are having a wonderful day and enjoy your holiday weekend, my friends!!!