Baby Love!! ((:

Today was finally the day I’d been waiting for so anxiously!! My bff’s baby shower!! Now I can post pictures of all of the neat things I made for it. So, prepare for a picture gallore because I had so much fun making all the stuff that I got a little carried away!! Lol!!

The first thing I made was a coffee filter wreath and I am even more in love with coffee filters now!!

And a wish tree for guests to hang wishes on it for the baby.

And I made a diaper cake that turned out even nicer because I had a friend’s help with it!!

And then I made matching mini-diaper cakes to use as center pieces for the tables!! ((:

I also made some glass jar center pieces just because I love glass jars so much!

Then the party favors to match the cake toppers:

And I looove, love that little diaper stacker, especially the tiny hanger that I made for it!! 😉

But these were my absolute favorite of all the things that I made!! They are real cloth diapers for people to pin on their shirts and play the poopie diaper game. Aren’t they precious?!! (:

And here’s the mommy’s mum up close and personal!! [:

And the last thing I did was decorate some clothes pins because no friend of mine should ever have to use just plain wooden ones!! Lol!! I decorated and painted a total of about 120 of these and they are soooo adorable!!

And here is the last picture of this post because if I don’t make myself stop I never will!! Lol!! I looove everything that I made and I definitely took tons of pictures but I’ll just post the rest on fb! 😉

Thanks for stopping by!!!!!! Happy sunday, people!!!!!!!!! ((:


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