Baby Love!! ((:

Today was finally the day I’d been waiting for so anxiously!! My bff’s baby shower!! Now I can post pictures of all of the neat things I made for it. So, prepare for a picture gallore because I had so much fun making all the stuff that I got a little carried away!! Lol!!

The first thing I made was a coffee filter wreath and I am even more in love with coffee filters now!!

And a wish tree for guests to hang wishes on it for the baby.

And I made a diaper cake that turned out even nicer because I had a friend’s help with it!!

And then I made matching mini-diaper cakes to use as center pieces for the tables!! ((:

I also made some glass jar center pieces just because I love glass jars so much!

Then the party favors to match the cake toppers:

And I looove, love that little diaper stacker, especially the tiny hanger that I made for it!! 😉

But these were my absolute favorite of all the things that I made!! They are real cloth diapers for people to pin on their shirts and play the poopie diaper game. Aren’t they precious?!! (:

And here’s the mommy’s mum up close and personal!! [:

And the last thing I did was decorate some clothes pins because no friend of mine should ever have to use just plain wooden ones!! Lol!! I decorated and painted a total of about 120 of these and they are soooo adorable!!

And here is the last picture of this post because if I don’t make myself stop I never will!! Lol!! I looove everything that I made and I definitely took tons of pictures but I’ll just post the rest on fb! 😉

Thanks for stopping by!!!!!! Happy sunday, people!!!!!!!!! ((:

More White &Thrifty Finds [:

I’ve been having a blast working on the decorations for a friend’s baby shower for the past two weeks and today I made over a picture frame that I’m going to include in the shower game prizes and since that is not for my friend [per say] I will go ahead and share it here!

So, here you have it!!

The frame came with that not so attractive [for my taste] green paper on the front. So, thrifty me spray painted it with Krylon dover white and made some rosettes from some left over material from the shower things and hot glued them onto it and I’m almost tempted to keep it!! Lol!!

Aren’t whites so fresh and crisp looking? (: As much as I want to keep, I will not because I can always make another one for myself!!

BUT before I can do that let me share a couple of thrifty goodies that I’ve found lately and that I’ve definitely fallen in love with already because in my head, I can already see what they will look like when I’m done with them!!

Look at these two boxes.

The larger one is a silverware box and I paid $2.50 for it. The smaller one is sort of like a very old version of a rolodex and the best thing is that I got it for only $.75!!

It even has the original alphabetized dividers in it still!! Have I ever mentioned how much I love, love old things like this?! Well, I dooooo!!!!!!!! ((:

I also have this beutiful chest that I got because someone didn’t want anymore (can you seriously imagine someone not wanting it? Impossible, I know!! Lol!)!! Anyway, if you know me, there’s no way I was going to pass it up so I’ve had it for some time already but I’ve procrastinated getting to it because I know that making it pretty is going to be a big job and I still don’t know exactly what I want to do with it!! All I know is that it’s going to be some shade of white when I’m done with it.

I havent taken pictures of the inside but it’s cedar and it’s beautiful inside (and it smells oh, sooooo good when you open it)!!! I can hardly wait to get started on it now!! Lol!! But before I do, I also found a desk for my sewing machine and I’m determine to make that one pretty first because I need it ASAP so I can finally get some sewing projects done. But not to worry, I will post about it when I get to it, too!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and now I will take myself to bed because we all know that mondays are not merciful at all!!

Night, night everyone!!! (:

White Makes Me Happy!!!

I’ve been changing colors in the master bedroom to different shades of white and neutral colors. Although this chest of drawers was not meant for that room I like my finished product so much that I want it for meeeee!!! 🙂

It was a dark brown and had previously already been painted white and it was terribly scratched but It’s solid wood so I didn’t have the heart to throw it out and making it over was totally worth it!! (:

I kept the same hardware that it came with exactly as it was and just purchased the two knobs for the top drawer to match it because they were missing.

I’m loving white in my bedroom soooo much!!

And Here’s an old frame that I re-vamped too and turned it into a chalkboard for my room as well!! If your birthday is in August [like mine] this message is for you!! Celebrate yourself &be wonderful!! What the heck? Celebrate yourself &be wonderful even if it’s not your birthday month!!;)

The frame was an ugly brown with gold trim so I painted it white and distressed it a little and I must say I do love it!! ((:

The distressing isn’t all that great but it will do for now!!

White makes my room feel so clean and happy!!!!!!!!!!! (:

Happy August, everyone!!! ((:

Another [Prettyful] Pillow Post! [:

While I have been working on a very special project for the past week and I am dying to share it with you guys, I must contain myself and wait until the time is right!! 😉 However, I will share some more pretty pillows that I made out of some left over drop cloth that I’ve had laying around. This is the picture that I used for my inspiration but I didn’t save the link (if you know where it’s from, please let me know so that I can give them credit for it).

And here is my very own version of it!!

And don’t they just look so crisp and clean on my bed mixed with some of the other pillows that I’ve made before ((:

I’m sooooo in love with them and so happy with the progress that I’ve made changing everything to white and neutral colors in the master bedroom but I’ll post about that another day because I still have a few more pillows to make!!

Have a great night, everyone!!!!!!!!!! ((: