My Dolled Up Space [:

I’ve moved all of my crafting supplies, photography supplies, and my laptop into one closet so that I can keep everything together and that way I always know exactly where everything is. šŸ˜‰

I’d been procrastinating making it pretty because I was hoping to have a desk set up somewhere by now but I’ve started liking my little nook!! So, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to make it pretty and today I got to work!!

I had made over the little jewelry box a while back and it’s been sitting pretty on my closet shelf since so I decided to make this chalkboard to match it…

[It’s supposed to say “Be Calm and Carry On” but I often need to remind myself to “stay” calm so I changed it. ((:

And I added some of those pretty silk rosettes to it [that I learned to make a while back].

Then I got to my favorite part; spray painting!! See why I love that stuff? Lol!! I spray painted a regular plastic cup to use as a pencil holder and I made these magazine holders [to store all my junk] out of cereal boxes and spray painted them as well.

I had to embellish them some just because I’m cool like that!! ;]

Then, I spray prainted these boxes that I already had. The larger one is a photo box but it had a floral print and the smaller one is a box that I’ve been saving from a perfume that my sister in law gave me about two Christmases ago. It was a neat little box and I couldn’t bare to part with it! Now I’m glad I couldnt make myself get rid of it because I finally found a purpose for it!! ((:

I also covered my old mouse pad with the same ribbon that I had already used for the rest of my accesories and doesn’t it just look so prim and proper now?!! [:

I like the numbers on my stuff, too!! It’s something different that I’d been meaning to try but hadn’t had the opportunity to!!! I think that I could get used to being surrounded by all this prettyness!!! Some day I may work up the courage to show you guys my whole crafting/blogging closet but not just yet!! Lol!!

I hope you guys all had a great weekend!! Good night, everyone!!!


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