Desk Area Accomplished [:

I only have one more thing left to do for my Annie’s room to be finished [until I decide to change things again! Lol!]

I’m loving her desk area so much, though that I couldn’t wait to show it off!! 😉

I changed some stuff around and made a festive little banner with her name instead of the name that she’s had on her wall from before and I like it soooo much!! ((:

I also made her that chalkboard that the banner’s hanging on but I haven’t cured it yet so we can’t write on it until I do so but I’m sure my princess will definitely make some use of it! 😉

I also removed the frames from above her headboard and placed this on that wall instead [being the princess that she is, we couldn’t be missing this! Lol!].

I’ll post pics of the entire room over the weekend but for now here’s one last look of her desk area because I like it soooo much!! [:

Good night, you guys!!! (:


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