Monogram Frame

I am obsessed with monogramming things (it might have something to do with my controlling tendencies)! Lol! Monograms personalize things and I like my stuff personalized! What can I say? I can’t help that I love my initial that much!!;)

Anyway, in my obsessive attempt to continue marking my territory I came up with this monogram frame to hang in the master bedroom! ((:

I purchased the frame {at a thrift shop for $.75} for another project but changed my mind and left it for another time. That time came when I realized that I needed something with the honey’s and my initial to tie my room decor together so I got to work. I spray painted the frame white, then antique white and distressed it a bit.

Then, I lined it with {another one of my favorites} drop cloth, made some streamer paper rosettes and cut several one inch strips of scrapbooking paper and outlined our initials with them. Outlining the letter was the hardest part of this project because it’s hard to work with hot glue on such a thin surface and make it stick to the glass but in the end it was worth all the effort!

So, there you have it, another one of my spontaneous and quick projects!! ((:


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