Cardboard Never Looked This Good!

Why didn’t I ever think to do this before?!! I was watching tv last night when I had an aha moment! ((: You know, those moments when you are doing something totally unrelated to crafting and you get a really great idea, seemingly out of nowhere?! Well, I had one of those last night!!

I looked at a cardboard paper towel roll and realized that I could create something pretty out of it instead of throwing it out! So I got to cutting it up and curling it, and gluing it together and it ended up looking like this(excuse the dusty table):

Then, I got out my favorite!!! A can of black spray paint and painted it and then put it in a frame that I wasn’t using and I turned it into this! And I looove it!!

I made this picture black and white so that it would show the detail better. But here’s a close up of it!

I took the picture before the final coat of spray paint {because I’m impatient like that} so it still looks a little bit discolored on the edges but I did a final coat of paint and a top coat of gloss.

Here’s what it looks like now!

I lined the frame with drop cloth instead of a mat and glued my design on top of the glass and I must say that I am impressed at how pretty it looks!! Oh, the possibilities are endless!!! Lol!! I am officially hooked on those nifty paper towel rolls!! 😉

Good night, you guys!! ((:


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