Distressed Frames

My son and Joe think I should be banned from all thrift shops because I keep purchasing junk to re-make!! 😉 I paid less than $2 for both of these a few weeks ago. As soon as I saw them, I had a perfect plan for them!

And this is what I decided to do with them!!

The first one didn’t have any hanging hardware on it but I didn’t need to install any on it because it looks perfect just sitting on my night stand [behind one of my other thrifty finds-my precious music box-which I paid $1.75 for and actually still plays music]!! (:

But my favorite has got to be this one!! I made those flowers from my nifty coffee filters and left over branches from my previous branch project and there you have it hanging above my bed now!!

My distressing doesn’t look as good as I’d like and it doesn’t show on the pics too well but I’m getting better at it, promise!! Lol!!

Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!! Good night, everyone!! ((:


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