My First Coffee Filter Wreath

I’ve been seeing all sorts of beautiful coffee filter wreaths in blogland and I love them all so much that I decided to give it a shot at making my own. I wanted my wreath to be square [just bcs that’s how I roll! Lol] so I used an old 8X10 picture frame I had as the base, added a pretty butterly {bcs I’m obsessed with them right now} and voila there’s my end result!! I might be a bit biased but I am absolutely looooving my wreath [AND all the creative uses for coffee filters that I’ve discovered]!!

Materials used: old square picture frame, coffee filters, glue sticks, glue gun, recycled book pages [for the butterfly], and ribbon.

I already had all of my materials around the house but if you want to make your own and you have to purchase all of your materials, the estimated cost would be about $6 if you purchase everything at the dollar store [that’s where I’d get them if I wouldn’t have had them already ;)].

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day, everyone!!!


2 thoughts on “My First Coffee Filter Wreath

  1. Hi! Love the rectangle shape. I am REALLY late making my wreath but trying now to do one. How did you work around the inner corners without it becoming too bulky? Thanks!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I only glued the filters on to the outer surface of the frame and they just poof out to the side covering up the inside edges that I didn’t glue anything to (you just have to arrange them a little). Hope that makes sense! 😉

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