Book Page Flower Wreath

This has been one of my most time consuming projects so far but, as with everything else that I’ve made, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. 😉

I first saw a similar wreath on a crafts website but it was about $45 and as much as I loved it, I was not about to dish out that much for it. I didn’t save a picture of it or the url for the page so I couldn’t find it anymore until recently when I saw one exactly like it posted on a blogger’s page and this time I saved the picture and made my wreath before procrastination set in!! Lol!

It took about 6hrs to make it, a wreath, 3 books, a wide ribbon [for hanging the wreath], lots of hot glue and lots of cutting and paper rolling! Thank goodness for my princess bcs she helped me cut the circles to make the flowers so that helped me tremedously [she is definitely a crafter in the making ;)]!!

Happy Sunday, you guys!! ((:


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